Sunday, December 20, 2009

the big 4.

So, even though this was nearly 2 months ago and Christmas is just a few days away, I am not giving up on this blog and I am documenting these events for the sake of my children and our family. We had a blast celebrating Huntleigh's birthday and even though at the very last minute ALL plans had to be rearranged, we pulled through and had a fun party. I got an incredible deal on a petting zoo which included a pony and the kids loved it. The pony was a hit. The Chinese chicken, not so much. He was probably the least petted. But he's a chicken, so bok, bok. Also, many thanks to our friends, the Reeves, for photographing our event. It was nice to be camera-free!

Lucy could not get enough of the balloons.

Nin and Lucy
nin and lucy

Our sweet friends Corey and his son Drew, who just moved to Indianapolis.
ty & corey

Hunts loving the pony!
the birthday girl

Zach with Hunts and the biggest bunny I have ever seen.
hunts & uncle zach

Manna with the Chinese chicken.

My mother-in-law Debbie with Lu.
B with lu & hobey

Kudos to little Hampton for being the youngest kiddo to ride the pony!
hampton & mark

My cute hubby with his good friend and business coach, Jim. I love this picture.
jim & josh

Abby with Hunts at the craft table, also a great hit!
abby & hunts

Happy Birthday, sweet four year old. We love you.
happy 4, huntleigh!

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