Thursday, March 18, 2010

boys weekend/girls weekend

A few weekends ago, Josh's closest friends from college came into town for their annual boys' weekend. To my great delight, one of the wives and her kiddos came into town so we could have a girls' (+ kids) weekend in our husbands' absence. Jessi is one of those friends from college with whom I never keep in contact, but we consider each other close friends, nonetheless. We just pick up on life from right where we left it off. Our kiddos do really well together, especially her sweet curly-haired Bennett and our tomboy Hunts. They had a full four days to play, play, play....and they loved it. Jessi and I enjoyed the chaos throughout the day and then our Pinot Grigio and chick flicks at night. Great times that were much needed by all.

Here's Bennett and Hunts just right after their arrival. Notice the gun. This did happen to be the one item of contention all weekend: Bennett shooting Hunts and Hunts crying for help.
the beginning of crazy

Lucy, my hammy ham.

We did the Science Center while Hunts was in school that Friday morning.
science center

On Sunday, we ventured up to Raccoon Ranch to see the daddies and get a little change of scenery. And it was good change of scenery. Jessi and I took a little mommy hiatus and let the daddies do all the work. These kiddos were intently listening to Josh's instructions for their little race around the dining room table.
hunts, bennett & lucy

And then they were off! I love this photo. Hopefully, I can use this at their wedding.
the chase

Hudson, the baby of the group, but don't let his innocent baby blues fool you. He's a handful. Lucy was engaged with her iPhone game. She would say, "No baby, no. No you touch."
hudson & lu

I love me some camo.
camo momma

A little bit of daddy time.

Here's the boys: Andrew, Anthony, Scott and Josh (MIA this year were Kurt and Stephen). It was good for them to be together. The last time we were all together as families was here. Now there's five more kiddos added to the group.
cabin boys 2010

Jessi and me. Good friends. Tired mommas. We celebrated with getting a baby-sitter and then some pedicures.


Charity said...

Sounds fun. Love the story about the gun.

the Halvorsons said...

Wish the Halvorsons could've been there too. Hopefully next time!! Or maybe we could try to plan something sooner.