Sunday, May 30, 2010


Why hello, blog world. I gotta get us up to date, here. So much has been going on. I just uploaded my pictures to my computer last night and it was a whole month's worth of photographs. That's kind of a long time for me. We've officially entered summer and have been at the pool for the last three days.

So during Derby week, we went to see the Halvorsons in Louisville, KY. We just spent a bunch of time horsing around. I'm just joshing you. Oh my gosh. Please make me stop.

Okay, so even though we've been to Louisville before, this was our first time to visit the Downs. We did a truncated tour of the Downs and the museum (we had all 5 kiddos) and had a great time. The culture and hype surrounding Derby Day is so much fun, but Mint Juleps are really kind of nasty.

Katelyn and Huntleigh watching some of the horses parade around the track during our tour.
the downs

Here are our five babes, dirty, tired, disheveled and super cute. From left to right, Maren, Lucy, Hunts, Kate, and Karsten.
the disheveled five


Jenna said...

yes! they are cute (as always). but, what i really want to know is what makes a mint julep so nasty? i've never had one.

Shazza said...

They are super cute! My question is: is there EVER going to be a little Asian kid in one of your photos?!?!

love you! -shar