Sunday, June 27, 2010

home sweet home.

I've actually been stalking my own blog lately, in hopes that it might mysteriously get updated since I clearly have not been updating. Our home is really the reason why I have not updated. In a crazy whirlwind of events, we found an amazing new house, put a contract in and put our current house on the market....all in a matter of 6 days. We had been kind of looking for awhile, but only just online really, and then everything happened so quickly. We are literally only moving down the road. We feel super blessed and are just waiting upon the Lord as we sell our house. I know the right buyers are out there somewhere, and I'm posting a few pictures of our home in case you might know anyone interested in buying the University City area. Let us know and leave your email address. We have loved our home for the past five years and we are proud of it and both happy & sad to pass it on to a new family.

the living room

dining room



breakfast room....with door leading out to the deck

the girls' room

master (with a huge walk-in closet)

our beloved playroom

....and the deck. I will soon post some pictures of our sweet girls. I promise.


Lindsey said...

wow! Can't believe you guys are moving! Can't wait to see pics of the new place too. Hope this one sells quickly. I'm sure it will with all its awesome interior decorating :-) good luck!

Shannon said...

miss this house! never saw the girls room with the two beds- looks super cute. Love the drapes, those must go to the new house. Also love that we have matching pillows and rug!