Friday, February 25, 2011

3 years of light

Lucy's 3rd birthday was a bit of a blur this year, but I really don't think it mattered to her. Just a cupcake, some presents and lots of singing "Happy Birthday" and I know she felt sufficiently loved. Lucy is our baby who was born during a very dark time in our family history, and she has radically embodied the meaning of her name, being "one who brings light." We are thankful for our little light, as she insists on being our baby and not our big girl. "Daddy, I am not a big girl. I am a baby girl. But Daddy, I am three, not two!" Well, okay then, little Lu.
LLH is 3!

happy birthday baby
I can almost hear the "cheese!" flowing from this picture!
cheesy family


we are the spencers said...

you guys are so cute. i hope you start blogging more often. love to see your pics. your girls are adorable. and lucy reminds me of lily for some reason. let's see that new house too!!

laina said...

Love the braces! I just got mine off!!! I had them for one year and 4 days!!! It was worth every day! Love, love, love your fashion sense! Add where your clothes are from because they are always so cute! Your family is adorable!

Anonymous said...

hello Sarah
i love the February pics but i think i love this one of the 3 of you the most. WHAT A GREAT FAMILY.
i thank and praise GOD for this blessing for you of the girls and your terrific husband. in a time when i see christian family's struggling greatly or failing IT IS A JOY TO SEE YOU ALL OF YOU LOVING AND LIVING AS GOD HAS ASKED US TO LIVE. Not perfect everyday but WORKING AT that like CHRIST image. love to ALL of you,
those little GIRLS are just LOVILY in all their moods and growing character you show in the pictures.
always thinking of all of you
Hi to your folks also.
ole So.Illinois friend