Thursday, October 13, 2011


Josh and I had a little "babymoon," I guess you could say, in Colorado last week. It did include killing large animals [which I wouldn't exactly put in the category of romantic babymoons] and I was super sick with some horrible sinus infection type sickness Josh so lovingly passed on to me [which also stripped all romanticism out of the trip] but it was, nonetheless, incredible to have some time away from our sweet babes before our newest babe arrives in 8 weeks. I was so happy for Josh to have ample time hiking and hunting on those incredible Colorado mountains. I spent a lot of time lying in my bed blogging, which I was very happy to do. Here are a few snapshots of what our time was like.

This is Josh with his biggest elk yet. I missed going on the elk hunt this year because there is such beauty in the hunt. These huge bulls have these almost prehistoric bugles that echo among the's beautiful and eerie and compelling all at the same time. You can tell by Josh's smile just what a tremendous feat this was to get this huge elk. I am so proud of him!
big elk

And his guide, Scott, was so pumped about Josh's elk! It is huge.
josh & scott (his guide)

This pretty much sums up my happy husband, with a cigar in one hand and a double macchiato in the other, about to embark upon a short fishing trip.
macchiato man


My belly at 30 weeks.
30 weeks!

Josh's mule deer, one of his favorite hunts to date.
mule deer

My 23-inch trout with my guide, Duncan. That was about the extent of my physical labor for the week: wrestling this trout in. I caught about 4 others, but this was my biggest. I took a nice nap afterwards.
23 inch rainbow trout

This was our whole crew this year: guides and everybody. It's a fun time of camaraderie and relaxation.
2011 Three Forks

And with our guide, Scott Hatch.
Josh, me & his guide, Scott


the Halvorsons said...

glad yall got a trip away! fun! you look great by the are you feeling? we need to catch up.

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

you look sooo beautiful in that patio sideways shot!!! love it. such a beautiful spot...i think this is your annual place? looks lovely! glad you got to rest too. I'll fb our america dates. I'm so glad you got blogging time cuz I'm eating it UP!!

lots of love, jd

leslie the young mother said...

woah, that is one big Elk! wow.
Also, such beautiful pictures! Glad it was a great vacation.

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Doug and Lori said...

Glad you guys got some time away! Sorry you weren't feeling well though! You look great Sarah!

Orla Harrington said...

What a gorgeous baby bump! And your girls are so beautiful. Lucy is such a sweet name. It's a great idea to get some time away together before the baby arrives, I hope it did you good. :)