Saturday, January 13, 2007


since i have spent A LOT of time at home in the past few days, i have had the chance to observe huntleigh's relationship with kona. it is a very fickle relationship, a love-hate relationship, really. i'm not so sure if kona sometimes loves her and sometimes hates her or if he simply just loves to hate huntleigh. huntleigh was super affectionate yesterday and spent most of the day on my lap...alongside kona. i think because she was calm, he was cool with being next to her. she would lean on him and snuggle in his belly and then she would pull a chunk of fur from his body, somewhere. then kona would jump out of my lap and not come back for awhile. i don't think she intends to be mean...i think she just sees him as the ultimate stuffed animal. i mean, i would too, were i little like her. he's soft, he does funny things, he's cute, he moves around and he provides entertainment for the babe. it's the ultimate dream: that your stuffed animals would come to life and start talking and moving...something like what you heard about in the Chronicles of Narnia as you were growing up. i'm sure most of the girls reading this had--at some point in their childhood--the same dream. anyways....huntleigh loves to seek out kona and his secret hiding places: the basket where he sleeps, the top of the chairs where he perches, the corner of the livingroom where he traps heat from the vents. she reverts to crawling when she plays with him, until she needs to chase him and then she can be quick like he is. the funny thing is that he never runs very far. only just far enough, which makes me think that he likes her. i think she's growing on him. here they are at breakfast this morning.

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