Thursday, January 11, 2007

second place

Here is what I wanted to do last night:

--have a nice dinner with josh and huntleigh
--finish a movie I had started a few days ago
--lay on the couch and be lazy
--make my favorite tea and drink as many cups as I could
--go to bed relatively early and read my magazines

Here is what I did instead:

--got throw up on me
--cleaned up round one of throw up
--watched josh get thrown up on
--cleaned up round two of throw up
--did six loads of laundry
--gave two baths to huntleigh
--cleaned up a kitchen with olive oil all over the floor
--watched huntleigh cry as she was throwing up
--cleaned up rounds 3,4,5,6, & 7 of throw up
--slept on huntleigh's bedroom floor

I am not writing all of this to complain, but rather to process further the fact that I have taken a back seat to my sweet, needy baby who gives me more grief and more joy than I could have ever imagined. No more numero uno for sarah hager. But after all the barf and laundry and clean-up, I got to sing "Jesus I Am Resting" to Huntleigh and she fell asleep in my arms. I would trade first place any time for a moment like that with my daughter.

And today, we are happy and far, at least.


Josh said...

You are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

of all of the hymns in the world, 'jesus, i am resting, resting' is my favorite. i'm so glad you can sing that after the night you had. God is good! i'm also so glad hunts is better.
love, lisa

Anonymous said...

ps-is that chair from babystyle? it's adorable.

Melanie said...

I hate it when they throw up. Someone told me the first time this happened to me to put a towel around them since there is little warning before barfing. We keep a towel handy in these situations. You still do lots of laundry, but it isn't on you are any of your other stuff. It is all worth it when they fall asleep on your shoulder.

danielle said...

i feel your pain, and wear the same barf style clothing that you do. we went through a similar situation the other day. hope huntleigh is better!

Missy said...

I read this the other day (I got your blog form my sister) and remembered last April when we all three got the throw up bug and how that was the worst weekend! Then today, Ansley woke up in her own throw up. I started the day thinking of you and was encouraged by knowing you and so many others knew exactly what I we were going through. I HATE throw up, so your words were so helpful. Thanks, -Missy Dodson Tillman

sbh said...

Missy, (I hope you read this note from me...I never know if people are going to read comments that I post on my own website...) I am so glad that you found me online! I'm glad your sister knew how to connect you to me. How fun! I'm also glad that my words could encourage you. I guess throw-up is just a part of life with kiddos. Do you and your husband have a blog? I would love to see pictures of your little one and your family! Thanks for keeping up with me through our website. love, sbh