Saturday, August 11, 2007


The hunts and I took a quick trip to a place I. O.therwise W.ouldn't A.way, but Josh has been out of town for a week and we took a little break from the St.L. It was actually cooler to be in the car driving up the Avenue of the Saints in the 100+ degree weather, than to be resting in my house, out of the sun and the heat. We went to visit the halvorsons as they so graciously let us relax in their house. It's just hot all over the midwest, I believe, and I don't think it's getting any better anytime soon. There is a lot of corn in between here and Cedar Rapids. It's a very exciting journey. Huntleigh was, once again, my stellar little traveller. We ate a lot of fruit snacks, drank a lot of milk (even I cannot get enough of it lately!), danced to The Postal Service, Pinback and Death Cab, and watched some Backyardigans. When we watch the Backyardigans, Huntleigh's mantra is "Pablo, Tasha, 'Niqua...Pablo, Tasha, 'Niqua" which are three of the characters names. This may mean nothing to you at all, but it is just so funny for me to listen to her. Josh and I were laughing together at our daughter's new cartoon mantra, he in Hong Kong, me in Iowa. I'm so grateful for international roaming.

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Anonymous said...

it is such a joy to hear your heart in your writings

love to all