Wednesday, August 15, 2007

he's doing it better. in fact, he's the best.

This is my (not so) little brother, Scott. And me. Sometime in the eighties. But this entry isn't so much about the eighties and all our great hair styles and clothing choices as it is about today, August 2007. I just have to say how proud I am of my brother and how excited I am for him. You see, he has been through some major career changes this year, and he is in the process of opening his own bike and ski shop. Fox Creek Outfitters. Check it out. I mean, the possibilities of being an English major/Philosophy minor are endless! Scott learned a ton about business while he worked for one of the more incompetent (however, still very popular) outdoors stores in Saint Louis and was always critiquing how he could do things better, until he realized that he was quite capable of doing it MUCH better and so, after a string of pivotal events, he decided to do that very thing. It has been an amazing process for us to watch and he is looking forward to opening his doors in October. Josh and Scott have their seasons of discussing the same topics every time they talk, and now, they talk business ideas all the time. It's fun to watch their energy as they brainstorm together. It's a nice change from hunting talk....which will happen soon enough, seeing as the dove season is approaching. But Josh could talk skis forever and Scott could talk bikes forever (and skis, I guess, because he's worked with them for so long). They're two peas in a pod. All this to say, Scott, we know it's crazy and life is going to be busy for awhile, but we're so proud of you and so excited for you (and Abby) as you enter this adventure! We can't wait to be some of your biggest patrons!


R & A said...

Fantastic! We are very excited for Scott & look forward to our next visit to St.L and his shop. Please pass on our congratulations! Hearing this makes me miss the US all the more for some reason.

Now I remember why Huntleigh is blonde looking at you when you were younger.


The Lloyds Five said...

Oh Wow!! Yay for Scott! We are excited for him.