Thursday, November 29, 2007

come stay with us.

This is our guest bedroom. I decided that I just couldn't put the kiddos in different bedrooms, because that would mean giving up the guest bedroom. So, they're sharing and we'll see how that goes. I must confess that I tend to be very discontent with bedding and am constantly changing bedspeads, duvets or sheets. Since Josh and I have been married, I have bought new bedding for our bed at least six times. The bedding that I found for the guest bedroom, however, has been my favorite for a long time. My guilty pleasure is ironing the sheets after I wash them. I mean, who has time to iron their own sheets?! You want to come stay in this room. It is very cozy and the bed is remarkably comfortable. You're welcome to come any time.

My parents brought us these hand-painted prints from their trip to Tuscany this summer. They are just beautiful and were the perfect gift.

This table is one of the understated favorites in my house. It's my "pi" table that I had made when we lived in Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

I remembering nursing LSF in that bed and it was so high!! I certainly hope I'll get to be a guest before long.

What are those cookies? Peppermint Oreos?

R & A said...

the room looks fantastic. as someone who has experienced your hospitality you definitely know how to create a cozy and comfortable room. i also know what you mean about changing bed-sheets, etc. i am on our 4th or 5th.


Love the bedding!

the Halvorsons said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!