Tuesday, November 06, 2007

good old friends.

This is Josh's oldest friend in Saint Louis, Mike Erkmann. I know this entry is "out of order," but I thought appropriate since he and his wife, Rachel, are moving to IDAHO on Thursday morning. Who moves to Idaho? Who knew it was such a cool place to live?! (If you live there and I have offended you, please forgive. I only have a cousin who lives there and I've never been there, so who am I to judge?!) The great thing about them moving to Idaho is that I will now be able to add Idaho to the list of states I will have visited. (Wow. Who ever uses the future-perfect tense?) I am truly looking forward to that trip after this babe arrives. Rachel and Mike, we love you guys so much and you will be missed greatly by the Hager family. Rachel, who will I eat gyros with for lunch?! And Mike, who else will yell out "Daisy Mae!" with Josh? We're bummed, but it makes us long for our reunion in heaven all the more. Enjoy your trip, settle in well, and we can't wait to come and see you.

Here's to the Erkmanns. (Josh in rare form at the Chocolate Bar...which is a NON-smoking environment, Hannah.)


scott said...

What's up with Mike's super-dope tan? Is my old snowboarding buddy succumbing to the social pressures of looking good? I can't wait to score a deep mystic color from my new next door neighbor, the Tan Company! Mike kicks ass, and kicks paleness' ass!

kurtjuliannehalvorson said...

Sarah, you look awesome! Love your sweater! :)