Friday, December 21, 2007

almost 37 weeks

This is the last picture you will see me post of myself with the baby belly. The face is just getting too fat for me to know the public is looking at me and my double chin and my ever-expanding nose. I can't wait for this babe to come into the world. She is overtaking my body.



I have been thinking a lot about you....not too much longer to go before the baby will be here! Hope you guys are getting some rest after your busy holidays!

The Dukes said...

Hi-I stumbled upon your blog through a link on a friend of a friend's site and the pictures you post are awesome! I was wondering what kind of camera you use- mine is on the brink of failing me and I'm trying to choose a new one.

P.S. I have twin boys and my nose virtually tripled in size during my pregnancy with them. Nobody believed me until I used Photoshop to create side by side before and after images.