Saturday, December 22, 2007

puppy love/hate

Huntleigh has the opposite relationship with Kate that she did with Kona. She loved Kona because he was not a threatening animal to her small size. Now with Kate, I have observed that the love Huntleigh has for her is much greater and the thought of seeing her or playing with her is so much more exciting, but the fear is that much greater as well. Even though Kate has already proved to be an incredible hunting partner for Josh this year, the puppy completely comes out in her when she is at our house and she just wants to be loved and petted and played with. This means that when we go outside to play with her, she is ready to jump and pounce and Huntleigh is the perfect size to knock over. This inevitably happens every time we play with her and the inevitable response is tears followed with "Mooooommmmmy!" and then we quickly have to go back inside and recover from the knock down. It isn't but moments later that Huntleigh is ready to do it all over again and she cries when she sees Kate on the other side of the glass looking at us longingly from the deck. I think Huntleigh could repeat that same pattern for an hour or maybe longer. Truly love.

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