Saturday, December 08, 2007

big changes

This was one of the most recent conversations between Josh and Huntleigh:

J: Do you want a black puppy?

H: I want lellow puppy.

J: How about a black puppy?

H: (a very thoughtful pause) No. I want lellow puppy.

J: (very persistent) Are you sure you don't want a black puppy?

H: (equally persistent) I want lellow puppy.

This dialogue went on for quite a bit longer than is interesting, but it was just so funny to hear as they were in the living room and I was in the kitchen. Eventually, the brainwashing worked.

J: Okay...well, we're getting a black puppy.

H: Black puppy? I want black puppy.

She's coming on Monday. We've already named her Kate. Are we crazy or what?! I've never had a dog in my entire life, so I told Josh he would have to train me as well as our puppy. I also told him that technically I will have nothing to do with her until at least the end of February.


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

you are very, very brave to take on a puppy and a new baby. hopefully she'll be wonderful.

Shannon said...

What! How has this not come up before? Very exciting, Lucy might not step foot in your house again, but still very exciting!


I am so excited, and can't wait to meet Kate! What kind of puppy is she?

dad said...

Last night before we went out, we asked her, "So, Huntleigh, are you getting a black puppy?"

Her answer: "Lellow puppy."

Single-minded ... just like her mom ...