Friday, December 07, 2007

cookie cravings

Okay, so Huntleigh has these three fake cookies that are part of her kitchen collection and the other day as we were playing with them, I wanted the cookie to magically turn into a real cookie so that I could eat it. I was finally able to go to the grocery and snatch a package of them, which I opened as soon as I got home and ate half of the package. No joke. I just put one in my mouth for every grocery item I put away. Ohmygosh. They are so good for some reason. So now, when I see Huntleigh's fake little cookie, I can just run into the kitchen and actually eat a real one.

Yes, I'm a fatty. And Josh, honey, if you make fun of me, then I will incriminate you by posting a picture of how much Coke I bought for you the other day. Love you.


tacyjane beck said...

brings back memories of Sarah quoting You've Got Mail...haha.

Michael and Mandy said...

Is that what is left of the box? At least you have the excuse of being pregnant. And you are nuts with the puupy - but I don't think we are far behind you.