Thursday, December 06, 2007

i finished

Well, I really didn't have faith in myself that I would actually get around to decorating the tree, but I did. It's just been sitting in our living room with simple white lights on it for two weeks now. And then last night, all the tree lights went out and Huntleigh said "Oh no! Yook!" and I honestly thought that if we could not find which light strand was the problem, that I was ready to throw the tree out into the front yard. The thought of shoving my body with this big honking belly around the tree just to re-strand all the lights was almost too much to bear. But Josh got on his hands and knees and did some searching and we recovered most of the lights and I felt a lot better about things. So...I decorated it tonight. Just a few simple ornaments. Here are some of my favorites.


Hannah said...

I looovveee you ornaments - the little sweater!!! You are adorable!

Can't wait for little "L" - Hannah

Shannon said...

It looks so cozy in there. Did I tell you that our fireplace is "non-working"- quite a disappointment. My point is this, I guess we'll have to take advantage of your fireplace. Also, I love that little mitten, very sweet.