Friday, January 04, 2008

preparing for the babe

Huntleigh has been fascinated with all these new baby things that keep coming up from the basement. I'm not sure why we even got her any Christmas presents....had I known how exciting all these things would be to her, we might have re-thought all of those gifts. I have been encouraging her, however, to bring her favorite face-less baby (Ami) and put her in the baby swing, or buckle her into the baby carseat, or put her in the bassinet. H spent a good portion of the morning moving L's rattles in and out of the bassinet, and throwing the Boppies on the ground (and then herself on top of them) and carrying around L's teeny tiny botchies (that's our family word for pacifier). Clearly, she also enjoyed laying in this baby bath chair. I think all the novelty of these items might wear off when baby L comes home and Huntleigh realizes she is the reason all these things are coming back out. I just wonder what a shock it's going to be for all of us.

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