Friday, May 16, 2008

finding our feet in Dubai

Friday afternoon we tried to get into the Jumeria Beach Hotel for brunch, but were denied, so we took a little walk on their pier. This building is the Burj Al Arab, the most famous building in Dubai. It is the most exclusive hotel in Dubai and the rooms go for about $3000 US per night. They are always at least 95% occupied.

this is one of the many painted camels around the city

After walking , we tried to enjoy a beer by the beach, but beer + a crabby fair-skinned baby + jet lag + 4 o'clock in the afternoon + 108 degree heat = exhaustion we went walking and got some of this, but still ended up napping after it all

but not until we were able to photograph the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Dubai which is right across the street from our hotel

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Shannon said...

I still can't really believe you're there- pretty amazing. It's fun to get some little tastes of Dubai and I can't wait to hear more about it. Oh yes, the plane ride actually went really well, thanks for your prayers. Chat soon...