Friday, May 16, 2008

just a small taste

Friday in Dubai is like Sunday in the States. The weekend here is Friday & Saturday, but Friday functions a bit more like Sunday, I guess. We were actually able to attend church with another new friend....a connection of a connection that actually originates with Glen and Audrey Woita. (I guess it's like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Somehow, when you start to connect people, you can always get back to the Woitas.) Anyway, our new friend Doug Cousino and his three beautiful daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah, and Rachel, were so kind to pick us up and bring us to church with them. One of the things Josh and I enjoy so much about visiting other countries is the opportunity to worship with other believers. Dubai was no exception and we were able to meet some incredibly fascinating people. Truly the most culturally diverse congregation we've ever been a part of. Even more diverse than our church in Hong Kong. It was a fresh reminder that heaven will be full of people who do not look like me and what a rich thing that is. Heaven is going to be shockingly different than anything we expect or imagine.

one of the windows inside the church

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