Thursday, May 15, 2008

global friends

Dubai has been amazing. It is such a fascinating place. There is so much to learn about, I only wish I had more time to be here. Thursday was spent doing just a little bit of shopping, but we were able to meet some new friends for dinner at their flat in the evening. A friend of a friend of some connection or another. Josh couldn't actually even remember how we got connected with Chris, but it was so fun to meet someone new...who is originally from Kansas. He and his family have been living here since January. He's a Red Sox fan, but we won't hold that against him. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with him in his cozy apartment along with another new friend, Asa, from Iran, who is on her way to the States via Japan to attend Law school in Philadelphia. Talk about global. Asa was so sweet with Lucy and loved holding her. Asa, thanks for the yummy sweet treats from Iran! We wish you all the best in Philly. And Chris, thank you for welcoming us into your home. We look forward to meeting your wife and son in the future...hopefully at a Cardinals-Red Sox game where we show you how baseball is really played!

Asa with Lulu

Josh, Chris & Lulu

Sights, sounds, smells of Thursday:

crazy, hidden upstairs rooms with "special" took quite a bit of climbing up things and ducking under things, along with secret knocks and hidden keys to get into these rooms....

Lucy totally drenched from sweat in the 104 degree afternoon sun

the hustle of the city from Chris' apartment balcony

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