Saturday, July 26, 2008

boca grande

Other than a few sick days on our vacation, everything has been really wonderful. It has been so good to be away from familiarity and responsibility. It will make going home that much sweeter. Once I was feeling better, we were able to take another trip away from Useppa and we went over to Boca Grande for the day. We met Archie and Debbie there and spent a good amount of time just hanging out enjoying the beach. Boca Grande is awesome.


Doug and Lori said...

Sorry to hear that you had a few days of feeling sick, but so glad to hear that your trip has been really good! Miss you!

janet said...

I'm glad you guys are having a great vacation! The pictures make me want to go there!!! :) (We're actually leaving for FL tomorrow!!!...Any tips for an almost 7 month old at the beach???) See you when you get back!