Monday, July 28, 2008

here fishy, fishy.

Josh took me fishing this week, and this redfish was the first fish I've ever caught on the ocean before. It was an 8 pound, 28 inch redfish...quite a catch. I had no idea how good it was, but Josh and our guide were both kind of freaking out. I was so proud!

Then, Josh and I "doubled" on our next catch. Two redfish...mine was 7 1/2 pounds and his was 11 pounds. Our guide told me that I was definitely good luck, because stuff like this rarely happens.

Check out that 11-pounder!!

My first snook...kind of small, but my first, nonetheless.

We had lunch on Cabbage Key, a small island next to Useppa. The dining room is covered with dollar bills. Pretty fascinating.

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Doug and Lori said...

You're a natural Sarah!!! Wow!!!!