Friday, July 04, 2008

potty-trained by the 4th of July

Okay. So we've been busy. Really busy. Josh got back from China and my parents got back from Hawaii and after our good friends came into town, I thought it would be a good time to just jump right into three day potty training. (The link really isn't helpful unless you buy the book, but if you want to know more, talk to me.) I totally bought the idea this woman was selling, and it worked. It worked for me and Huntleigh. I think all the stars were aligned and everything was just perfect and so I'm not promising that it works for everyone. But it worked for us. On Monday we built up the fact that it was the last day for diapers and we started out the day by buying Everyone Poops followed by a trip to Target for Hunts to choose a handful of new undies and a bunch of fun stuff for projects for the next three days. Then, on Tuesday morning we got up and threw all the diapers away. In the big trash can. The one outside. Yeah. It was kind of scary for me, because I knew that I was committing to something much bigger than I felt like I was ready for, but Huntleigh was ready and she was excited about doing it. The first day wasn't really all that bad, the second day I thought, "That woman is crazy and I totally drank the kool-aid," the third day I watched my child really get it for the first time and then on the fourth day (the 4th of July) we were at the Webster parade and she looked up at Hannah (my sister-in-law) and said, "I have to go potty!" without any prompting and from then on, she's been a big girl. I am so proud of the Hunts and I would highly recommend the book and the 3 days. It was like ripping off the band-aid. I'm up for discussion if anyone has any questions.

Hannah and Zach



Michael and Mandy said...

Way to go, Sarah (and Huntleigh)! These things are always so intimidating. You feel like your competence as a parent is weighed by it - you imagine your kid will actually be the only one in the first grade still in diapers. And then they do it...and probably could have without us. Enjoy those extra few minutes and dollars.

the Halvorsons said...

Yeah Huntleigh!! It makes all the difference! I kept putting it off with Katelyn...came up with a million excuses to not potty train her, but she was begging to wear underpants! I'll have to tell you the story later...but Kurt actually ended up potty training her over a weekend while I was out of town! The closet is still packed with diapers (for naptime and night) but at least we're through with them during the day. Is Huntleigh out of them for naptime too? Any suggestions for that? That'd be awesome.

Doug and Lori said...

Great job Huntleigh!
Sarah- I am so glad that it worked! That was a huge commitment that I am sure took a lot of energy and selflessness. I look forward to hearing even more about it sometime when I get back home.
Miss ya!

Tammy said...

Hooray for Huntleigh! And congrats to her very brave mommy.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that I should take full credit for this because she did ask me - you know - if should could use the potty. What if I had not been there and then it would be total regression!!

Hahahahahahaha - Hannah Wood