Saturday, July 05, 2008

weddings and more weddings

At the end of potty-training week, Huntleigh was in yet another wedding. This is her third wedding as a flower girl, and by far the biggest one. (This was #1 and #2.) Just check out the pictures of this church. She hadn't practiced anything, and yet she made it down the aisle this time. She was perfect. Just amazing. And then afterward, she sat through a 1 & 1/2 hour service and did pretty okay. Only one potty break and lots of Smarties (or "farties," as she says).

Flower girl

Shrine of St. Joseph in Saint Louis

Just look at that sweet face! You can tell that she knew she was doing it so well! And when she had walked down and Josh got her at the end of the aisle, she said to us, "Mommy and Daddy, you were so proud of me!" What a little stinker.

Huntleigh's dress was the exact same dress that Abby wore in Ellen and Warren's (Josh aunt and uncle's) wedding 20 years ago, with just some slight alterations. Mimi was the other flower girl and baby Ned was the ring bearer.

Kyle and Sarah with the Hunts.


Pop & B and the Hunts


Doug and Lori said...

How neat that she was able to wear the same dress! She looked beautiful!

brooke said...

she is getting SO big! She is adorable.