Wednesday, September 10, 2008

balk, balk, balk.

This is our good friend, Glen Woita, at the Cubs-Cards game on Wednesday night. That's right. For those of you who know Glen, you may be reading this in disbelief. Josh quizzed him on basic and intermediate facts of the game and Glen actually knew the answer to each one. Then, Josh tried a masters level term on him--balk --but it was a bit much. Surprisingly, a balk was called during the game, which is somewhat unusual, so we all had a firsthand learning experience. Anyway, I must say that for a non-sports fan, Glen passed the evening with flying colors. Kosher dogs with onions & kraut, beer, Fredbird and the spray-tan bunnies....we had a blast. Let me also note that this will be the night when we learned Glen "once had an addiction to Marie Callendar strawberry pies." And we still love you, Glenny.

watching a flying hot dog

with the bling

sambaing up the steps after the game


Kristen said...

Well no Cards game is complete without a samba. ;)

P.S. I really like your picture of the seats. It's pretty neat. :)


Audrey said...

Glenners loved his time on your blog. He appreciates the attention. It's better than 8 holes of golf in his opinion. thank you for loving on the woitas!