Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lafayette square

This is just one of the many reasons why I love Saint Louis so much. Lafayette Square has so much to offer when it comes to dining: SqWires, Vin de Set, Baileys' Chocolate Bar, 1111 Mississippi, Square One Brewery :and it is set in the midst of a gorgeous historical district. One day I found this awesome playground tucked into the middle of the park in the very center of Lafayette Square. There is actually another playground right behind this colorful one that is geared toward older children. It's a really peaceful place to play and a nice change from all the regular playgrounds we frequent.


The Lloyds Five said...

Pat and I just LOVE lafayette square! The park is beautiful if you walk around,(there is a great spot for photo's) you can kiss a frog there too! We LOVE the dining, (1111 M. I had the best filet there)it is definitely our Hot spot! We love the playground, and all the amazing doll houses around. Happy Belated Day! Hope you were blessed!

Anonymous said...

Always looking for another spot to lunch at. Thanks for the recommendations. Joanie