Saturday, November 01, 2008

happy birthday Huntleigh.

My first babe turned three. Where has all that time gone? I love this girl so much. She is amazing. She is super full of energy and much of my day is spent directing that energy in a positive direction, but she is so full of life and every day is a new adventure.

We had a painting party with a few friends and family at Oak Knoll Park, which has become my park of choice for a birthday party.

a fresh canvas with a bouquet of new paint brushes

tower of cupcakes: strawberry with vanilla icing and sprinkles

little painter

Carter sans shirt

Lucy with her "pupcake" apron

the birthday girl, as her birthday song swelled around her.  

sweet Daddy love

babe #2, who has not been in the limelight of the camera lately, but as important as babe #1

the painted canvases.  good work, little painters.


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

happy b-day hunts. did you see that i just went to a painting party recently? i like your idea of using canvases. so fun!!


Alyssa said...

...and somehow Carter still managed to get paint on his shirt!! :) Great pics, Sarah!