Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hints of spring

Last week's weather was so awesome that we headed out to the zoo with Yia Yia and actually rode the zoo carousel for the first time ever. Fun times. Don't move around on the carousel while it's in motion. You'll get yelled at. My pictures were worth it so I don't care. I'm a rebel anyway. I love the Saint Louis Zoo. It is such an awesome treasure in our city.

I love this picture of my mom with Lucy. She just looks so young-spirited and happy.


My daughters.


Lu, with her big discerning eyes.


I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Hunts of all time. She looks gorgeously happy.


She is one cute little chick.




Shannon, go find those shoes. You won't regret tearing up your house for them.



Shannon said...

Hey, these pics are great. I think I will go downstairs right now and persistently look for them. That scarf is adorable. You bought 2 right. One for hunts and one for lucy (my lucy that is), just kidding. Huntleigh seriously looks like a rock star. Was it from gap kids?

Audrey Richards Woita said...

great pix from the zoo...your momma looks lovely...and I agree with you on the best pic of huntz ever...she looks so OLD! Lulu belle's eyes are getting rounder!

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

SB, how did you do the expanded format on your blog? soooo curious?


GREAT photos!!!