Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentime's day

I really got into Valentine's Day this year. It all started with the cute place mats from Pottery Barn Kids and then the sparkly heart plates from get the picture. Here are a few shots from our Valentine's weekend.

Lucy at a little girls' Valentine's party

yeah, i'm sweet.

I had to capture a picture of this breakfast, because it's rare that we do this and I was kind of proud of myself. I made breakfast and we opened a few little gifts with the was very celebratory.

valentine's day 2009

killer quiche

Josh and Lucy sharing a coca cola moment

converting to coca cola

I had to get this one on file because it's rare when Josh and I get a picture when we're all dressed up. I love my hubby. He's a keeper.



the Halvorsons said...

What a great picture of you and Josh...yall are adorable.

i never really got into valentine's either until this year...i guess it's more fun when the kids actually understand it all more...and get excited about it with you. the fun pbk placemats made it into the halvorson house too. :) so cute and fun.

i love your dress by the way.

Shannon said...

You go, miss motivated- i love it, nicely done.