Monday, March 02, 2009


This was how I found Hunts occupying herself during a lengthy phone conversation of mine the other day. I turned around from doing the dishes and saw this spread. She was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her for being creatively productive! I am loving watching this little one's imagination just explode. I love Hunts so much. She is one awesome kid.
indoor picnic


The Lloyds Five said...

This is so sweet. She is so imaginative, our kids love to do this too, picnicking is one of our faves. Sometimes I will even make sandwiches and we eat on the floor. It is lots of fun! What a big girl she is becoming!

Anonymous said...

that is so great that you appreciated her creativity. sometimes when these things happen, my first thought is that i have to clean all this up so my house can be tidy again. got to let go, eh?

i love checking out your blog!

your a fabulous mommy!

Becky Chau

Davina Perret said...

Your wood floor looks very clean. I'm jealous.