Friday, March 06, 2009

getting out of town

We're having some work done on our house (we're building a playroom on our third floor!) and while our brother-in-law is doing the most difficult part, we decided to move up to Raccoon Ranch. It's definitely added to all of our driving, but it has been a most wonderful and unexpected retreat for us. The weather has been quite delightful and we've shared our time up here with many a guest. Check out the color of the lake right now. It doesn't even look this way in the summer!
Raccoon Ranch
I post this picture because Huntleigh asked me to take this of her in front of her Pop's Polaris and I'm glad to have memories of her like this. She's my dramatic tomboy and I hope that someday, she'll be driving the Polaris with her own shotgun in tow. We've enjoyed our time to explore the farm together. polaris pic
I love this one.
cheese reflection seriously mud walk


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

love, love the camo boots!!! hope you are being refreshed out there. Hopefully we'll connect this week. Oh, how we miss retreats up there with you!

love you, jd

Davina Perret said...

J.T. has the exact same camo boots, and he has a camo rain jacket to boot! Love it.