Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm coming back, i promise.

don't give up. until then, here's an old favorite of mine. all thanks to my friend, Brooke.


Amanda Rivera said...

What a beautiful picture!

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

such a GREAT shot!!! all the girls together, too cute. I'm dying to see pics of the renovations and check periodically hoping you've posted some.


brooke jared said...

ahhh, this is one of my favorites, too. hope you are well!

Janet said...

What a GREAT picture! Very sweet!

Corrin said...

Amazing photo. One your kids will always treasure.

I don't know if you post links to other people's blogs, but I'd love to have you share our new blog with your readers if you do. We only have three months till we are off to Nigeria!!!


tales of LIFE in Yola, Nigeria

Audrey Richards Woita said...

cute pic...it doesn't even look like you, sarah. have missed your updates but totally understand how busy the rest of your life has been.

Anonymous said...

oh Sarah WHAT A WONDERFUL PICTURE OF ALL OF YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!! Be sure and tell your Mom i called her a girl--at least she is not hit the next decade mark as i have.
But the LORD blesses in every age, of course, i am not minding my "old" age at all.

i now have the time so maybe one of these days when you and Mar have the day available we can arranage a day for me to run up and see you all, and hug those darling Hager girls!!! it has just been way to long - way to long!!!!

from Storm ravaged SouthernIllinois