Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I heart baseball.

I really do love baseball. I love being a Cardinals fan. Josh and I had the incredible privilege of going to the All Star festivities this year. It was amazing. I know you want pictures of the playroom and of my children....perhaps even some of my children playing in the playroom. Well, you're just going to have to wait. It's on my list of things to do. If you'd like to see our playroom, just invite yourself to our house. We would love to have you. Until then, here are my baseball shots:

Ryan Franklin, one of our pitchers.

Ned and Mimi, Josh's cousins
Ned & Mimi

"Which one of these is not like the other? Which one of these does not belong?" I always knew San Francisco was different.
starting line up

I heart baseball.

The Stealth Bomber. This was seriously Josh's favorite part of the game. He was shaking for a couple innings afterward.
stealth bomber

All Stars. If you look carefully on the top-to-mid right of the picture, you can see Stan Musial. He was bringing out the ball for the first pitch.
here comes Stan

Mom jeans? You bet. Check those puppies out.
I've got a crush on....

At least he's not a Cubs fan.

Josh's cousin Johnston caught the first ball of the game thrown into the crowd. Here it is on display.
go Johnston!

Me and the hubby, shiny and happy.
All Star Game 2009


Shazza said...

Are people complaining about the photos?!!! I totally want to see photos of the girls, but very happy that you posted these!!! Did you forget that your Hong Kong-based, baseball fan, check-your-blog-everyday friend would just so appreciate this?! I am SOOO jealous!! I WISH I could go to an All Star game. Love you!

The Lloyds Five said...

Amazing pics Sarah. I am also a HUGE cardinals fan. We were extremely excited about the All Star game. I hope you all are doing well. My expectations are low with three small children, I understand how hard it can be to update the blog. Love to you-friend.

Jenna said...

these were great! i have to say the stealth bomber was really, really cool. i'm not up on my military aircraft, so i was surprised at how much it looks like something my kids would make...out of legos.

mom jeans? hilarious. you're so right.

oh that shiny, happy look is SO st. louis humidity at a cards game. wow. that takes me back! now, i want a col' 9:56 in the morning.

John "Penny" Pennylegion said...

I have two competing emotions when I see these pictures. 1) joy and excitement that you got to go to the All-Star game and 2) jealousy that you got to go to the All-Star game. I'm glad you enjoyed it and had a great time. Baseball is so much fun!