Friday, August 07, 2009


So here we are a week into August. Where has the summer gone? July just breezed was so busy for us. Here's Lucy and my brother hanging out on a lazy summer afternoon. Scott's been helping me with some of my decorating projects, which I'll be posting pictures of soon....

lu and scott

We took a short road trip to Kansas City with our good friends, the Woitas, for just a quick overnight and our friend Clarke came from Omaha to join us. The Suburban was happy to be on the open (midwestern) road. It's always good to get a night away from the kiddos and they're just so awesome to come home to.

Here's our friend, Glen, proving that he does eat fast food. And trust me, there was nothing grilled about that meal.

The boys (Glen, Clarke and Josh) at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning
kansas city

I had Josh go "off-roading" with my vehicle into a small field of overgrown grass just so I could get these shots of the five of us in front of this cool brick wall. It was worth it.


My hubs. I love him so. We're seven now.
seven years

We ended the weekend at this great Jazz Bistro with an excellent outdoor meal. Fun times. My husband, the pirate.
my husband the pirate

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