Wednesday, August 12, 2009

summer water fun

We've been spending a lot of time around water lately, indoor, outdoor, in the city, at our house....water and kids is such a great combination. They love it, I love it, they sleep well: everyone's happy. Since we do not live near any beautiful natural water other than our own muddy Mississippi, we like to seek out non-muddy man-made options in fun parks around the city.

Here we are at the Children's Zoo. We went to the zoo with every other person in Missouri (and Illinois) one Sunday afternoon, and we ducked into the the children's zoo for some quiet....we played there for over an hour.
baby buns

children's zoo

water joy

the chase

And then at Tower Grove Park, a few days later. I love my water babies.


tower grove


leslie. said...

Adorable! We also recently discovered the fountains at Tower Grove. Makes me excited for when G can do more than crawl to the fountain just in time for it to turn off...

Corrin said...

What wonderful photos!

Audrey Woita said...

loved these pix...especially the last one!