Friday, July 03, 2009

last day with will and lucy

Our good friends, the Walkers, moved to Bellingham, Washington and this was our last play date with Lucy and Will for quite some time. I took the four kiddos out to the mall by myself (which I was very proud of, but kudos to all you moms out there who do that on a regular basis and think nothing of it!) and we had a fun lunch at Johnny Rockets complete with milkshakes for all. And because Pottery Barn Kids closed down their business at the Galleria, we came up with creative things to do instead that included throwing pennies into the fountain, browsing through the Apple store (too much temptation) and ending up at Build-a-Bear as a special treat. I didn't tell the kids we were going there until right before we walked in and they were all pleasantly surprised when they figured out they could choose their own stuffed animal. It was super cute to watch them as they rubbed their animals' little stuffed hearts in their hands, on their ears, and then close their eyes to make a wish. I think the thing I love most about the pictures is that I can see Huntleigh turn from a skeptic into a believer as she followed the woman's directions on what to do with the hearts that they stuffed into the animals. We love you, Lucy & Will.
Boy, are we gonna miss you.

Sweet friends

Hunts, the skeptic

Hunts and Will clearly demonstrating how tricky it is for a three year old to make their eyes stay shut. I just love it.

three new successfully stuffed animals

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