Sunday, July 05, 2009

i spent a week in washington state and all i took was this lousy picture of a donut shop.

top pot doughnuts, seattle, WA

So one week after returning from Hawaii, I got on another plane headed west with my good friend Shannon and her three kiddos. I left my hubby and hunts and lu behind to fend for themselves in a sweaty and sultry Saint Louis while we entered the blissful and beautiful summer of the Pacific Northwest. We've spent three great years with the Walkers and it was time for them to move on to Bellingham to plant the church for which they've been preparing. Shannon's children are 5 years, 3 years, 7 months and she's almost 20 weeks pregnant with twins. I thought it would be fun/necessary to help her fly to Seattle while her husband was driving across the country with all their possessions. We spent a few days in Seattle where I met almost every single person in her extended family and where I took this picture of Top Pot I was eating an amazing raspberry glazed ring. Then we left Lucy & Will in Seattle and drove north to Bellingham with Ada to begin preparing the house for the arrival of the moving truck. It wasn't really a week of sight-seeing and so I seriously did not take any pictures of, well, anything. In the span of three days we cleaned, did some more cleaning, picked out paint colors for an entire house, painted the entire interior of the house (with the help of about ten other people), and unloaded the truck. We ended our time together with a meal at Boundary Bay, an excellent local brewery. Overall, it was a very successful trip and I was glad to love my friend by just being present with her. Friends like her do not come along everyday, and in my experience, they always seem to move as far away from me as possible (i.e. Alabama, Idaho, Washington). Love you, Shannon.


Anonymous said...

If you ever come to visit them in Bellingham and have a wee bit of extra time, I'd love to drive the hour down to connect with you. I head there about once a month to go to Trader Joes and Target, since we don't have those stores across the border.

Doug and Lori said...

What a blessing that must have been to Shannon! That was truly a GREAT way to love on such a special friend!!

Sara said...

Ada and I are coming to St. Louis the 22nd-28th....will you be in town? We want to come hangout with you guys. Also, do you happen to have an infant car seat that you aren't using? I was hoping to be able to borrow one so I don't have to fly with one....let me know...hope to see you soon.


danielle said...

hey! love this pic by the way. is that a wide angle lens? i REALLY want a wide angle. here is a good site that explains how to do a strikethrough. it is very easy.
hope that helps! i will be watching for some awesome stories with "strikethroughs"!!

Shannon said...

what's a trip without top pot? thank you friend, for everything. miss you, will call. love your car. couldn't have survived my first week in WA without you, i don't think that's exaggerating. love you.


oh yes, and that pic is great, the lens seems cool, looks good in car pic too. i wish we had time to play around with it a little more and wish i had it to take pics of my house to post on the blog.