Friday, July 10, 2009


When Josh and the girls picked me up from the airport after my week in Seattle, Hunts told me that she and daddy had a surprise for me at home. It was something they had "made" and was in the front yard, so I thought it was going to be a fun handmade something out of a big cardboard box welcoming me, not so much. We pulled up to the house and Josh said, "There it is...." but I didn't see anything until Huntleigh said, "Mommy! It's your new car!!!!" And then I looked up and saw my new car and starting screaming. Lucy started crying because I completely freaked her out. How could I have missed a Suburban? Seriously. I am so dense. Will you check this bus out?! It's my first brand new car ever. Major points to my husband who went by himself with two little girls to the dealership and came home with this car to surprise me with....all in the span of time that I was flying back across the country. Nice work, babe. And I'm so proud of my three year-old, who actually kept it a secret. Impressive.


big bus


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

soooo fun!! way cooler than a mini van :)

my mom got me seat protecter pads at babies r us. they have black and they are awesome for protecting seats and catching crumbs.

good job josh!


camille said...

Sweet new ride. I am also wondering how you could miss a Suburban. You crack me up. I agree with littlestreetfighter's Mom, the seat protector pads are awesome. Congrats on the new big, bad, black auto-mobile Sarah!! Love, Camille