Thursday, September 24, 2009


So we had a blast in Kentucky. Jessi drove from West Virginia while I made our trek from the Lou to meet Julianne in Louisville. It was super fun to be all together and to just feel free to be girls without any husbands around. Let's just say that the mommies survived on caffeine, Cheetos, and champagne. The perfect different times of the day, of course. There was no documentation of the three of us, so our kids are going to have to do the representing.

Karsten. Maren. Hudson. Bennett. Katelyn. Lucy. Huntleigh.
3 Halvorsons + 2 Cooks + 2 Hagers = a very fun handful
the seven.

Check out those curls on Bennett's head. Just too sweet. I'm so glad that Huntleigh had the chance to hang out with Bennett again. This was the last time they were together.

Little buns. I look forward to sharing this with them when they're older and "wiser." What I look most forward to is that these kids are going to be friends throughout their lives because their dads all committed to being in one another's lives, despite distance, time, and differences.

Karsten and Huntleigh working on the USA puzzle together. They were a good little team. I remember when Karsten did this puzzle by himself as a 2-year old. He is the puzzle master.
puzzle pals

The three jumping supermen. It was a whirlwind weekend, but super rewarding. Love you Jessi and Julianne!




Shannon said...

There are a lot of cute kids in that first picture. I can't believe how much older Lucy and Huntleigh look already. We miss you guys! I'll call you soon- love you!

Jessi said...

Too sweet! Thanks for the pics, and for such a great weekend! SO GOOD to see you all!!! We miss you! Bennett's been asking about "Hunts"....I love that he calls her that!
Lots of love to you and look forward to next time!

Anonymous said...

Your friendships are being extended to the next generation. that is precious. Joanie

Brooke Brown said...

Such cute pictures, Sarah! There is nothing like it when your kids adore your good friends' kids. Love it!

Thanks again for the inspiration for our much fun anniversary trip! We loved our trip and the Coldplay concert was one of many highlights. I'm officially now an insanely huge fan. Now, if only I could find Gwenyth's personal family blog so that I could stalk her too..... :)

the Halvorsons said...

We've got to do it again....maybe with the we can have back up!! :) Had a great time being together!