Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is my sticker babe. I seem to find stickers all over the house in funny locations. I notice they are most often stuck to my shirt in obvious and embarrassing places...especially when I step out in public. Oh well. This is life.


We've been busy. We've been out of town. And then we've been sick. Does anyone even read this blog anymore?! I have become the most boring blogger. I do want to try to post more regularly. I'm even boring myself. Could the Cardinals have performed worse in the Division playoffs? Seriously. At least we can rest easy for the remainder of the season. I'm a bit tired of hot dogs.

More random thoughts:

I can neither confirm nor deny that this picture of my husband and our friend Tim was taken during the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy in our livingroom on Thursday, September 24th at 8:22 p.m. But man, does my husband look sheepishly cute in this picture.

I felt like I was living in Seattle this past week with all the rain that fell here in Saint Louis. It was too much rain for me for this time of year. I'm ready for some more typical autumn weather before winter decides to settle in.

Huntleigh loves school. Every morning when she wakes up, she asks, "Is today school day, mommy?" I'm both happy and sad when she asks that question. I love that child so much. She is both my greatest challenge and my greatest reward. The Lord knew I needed her to make me more like Him. The truth is, she is really just a. lot. like. me. (Thanks Dad, for the insight.)

I am not complaining, but it is really difficult to be laid waste with a cold and to have two young children who have a lot of genuine needs that keep you from being able to lay down on the couch to watch movies & sleep all day. It makes recovering from sickness that much harder. So this is what it means to die to yourself. Shannon, you know that ten (thousand) times more than I do.

NyQuil is really great.

My house is totally trashed right now. Please do not come over. I would be completely mortified. I'm a perfectionist. But I want to be honest about my weaknesses. Oh....just come over. It would be good for me. It's good to be humbled. Just don't judge me.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could come clean your house and bring you a funfetti cake:) -katie

Charity said...

I'm reading!

Wish I could come over, it's just a little far...
I always enjoy your pics.

Camille said...

Your blog, boring? Never. If you think yours is boring, my must put you to sleep! :-)

All About Amelia said...

i am a long time blog stalker :) i think your girls are darling!!

Davina Perret said...

I still read your blog and LOVE all your pictures. I covet your camera actually. I spent Sat. with Abi Matthews in Portland and she said she's hung out with you a lot this past year. I'm jealous. Maybe you can come out next year for the next STL reunion in Portland!

Janet said...

You're a mess! :) I loved reading your random thoughts! Hope you feel better soon!

love ya, friend,