Wednesday, October 14, 2009

life is good

with these three babes in my life.

And along another train of thought:

You know you've really given in to motherhood when your little child has diarrhea while she's sitting in your lap and a little soaks through her pants to your jeans, and then you momentarily think that you should change out of those jeans, but then you forget and wear them all day long instead. Awesome.


danielle said...

that's funny. and gross. i usually wear spit up all day.

Mama Hutch said...

the thing is, if you changed clothes, you'd just add more to the laundry pile. and we all know that is a no-no.

Tacy & Stephen said...

i think your story beats mine, but i do have a similar incident i can relate. molly stepped on a dirty diaper right before i took her to the nursery a couple days ago. even though i saw it happen AND definitely smelled something in the car on the way there, i promptly forgot to check her shoes and brought her to her room. When we got there, I realized that one of her shoes had fallen off in the car. So I stuck the other in her bag and presented the nursery worker with snug-in-just-her-socks. I told her what happened and said, "I guess God didn't want me to contaminate the whole church." Grace- that's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Motherhood is very humbling in so many ways--this incident is one of many. Laughter helps--there is such a bond that mothers have with one another. Joanie

I read your blog even though I don't comment often. Reminds me of when my kids were small. Enjoy it!