Thursday, October 29, 2009

it's seriously almost November.

Here's just a little sneak peek back at what we've been doing:

At the beginning of October, Josh and I took a quick weekend up to Chicago with some friends to just hang out and eat yummy food and shop and all those fun things. It was so great to be in that city. I love Chicago. We stopped by the Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair where I picked up an awesome lizard skin belt with a superb duck buckle. I later convinced Josh to run into the American Girl Place store with me and, being the excellent husband that he is, he willingly went. I had no motive other than to show him the production that the place really is and what his future holds for him with two little girls. So when he said, "Let's get Hunts a doll for her birthday," I started crying, to then which he said, "They really should serve beer here." I am such a sap. I cannot wait to give it to her.

The view of Millennium Park from our hotel.
chicago millennium park

Josh with his espresso at the Merchandise Mart. Remember the espresso?! Well, it stuck. I'm so proud. I think he's at Starbucks more than I am. There's a feat.
chicago antique show

Here's the boys (my hubby and my brother) at Oktoberfest right before the Cardinals lost their third game in the Division playoffs. Boy, was that game a major disappointment. We found our Halloween costumes that day, though. That made the trip downtown worth it....more to come on that.

Huntleigh had her first Grandparents Day at Central. I was so proud that my parents could see her and enter into the world of 3K. I am so impressed at how Central really seeks to honor the grandparents of the student body. I gave my camera to my dad to get a few pictures of the morning's activities so at least I could get a glimpse into their time together. There is such limited space on Central's campus and there are so many participants in grandparents day that they make very clear that parents have to stay away for the morning. Here my mom and Hunts are at their activity center.
grandparents day

Huntleigh had her first field trip, which I was able to join, and it was just perfect. Look at this one. She is so scrumptious. We took a little walk from her school across Wydown to Acorn Park and had a little nature treasure hunt and then ate a picnic lunch together. I love that Hunts is in school. I am just so proud of her and can see how she is growing and maturing.
sweet babe

Do you see that look? I couldn't resist putting it on the blog.

This is Mark and his daughter Mallory, one of Huntleigh's new friends, who happens to be the daughter of an old and good friend of mine, Mollie. I've been so thankful for school and the new community of friendships it has brought, some new and some re-newed!
mark and mallory

I mean, doesn't this picture just take you right back to your childhood? The parachute was my favorite P.E. activity.

And the treasure hunt bag with the treasure hunter. Good work, my sweet pea.
field trip


Lindsey said...

hey we know Mark! Huntleigh looks so so cute and grown up. We miss you guys.

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

love, love that you called her scrumptious. I call LN Truly Scrumptious from Chitty-chitty Bang Bang. My kids loooove that if you haven't shown yours yet. Lucy is a bit young but hunts may like it too. Miss you. The dust is settling...finally paid my bills!!! Let's talk after Halloween.

love, jd

Michael and Mandy said...

Josh: A man after my husband's own heart.

I know that Mark too -and I remember when they were pregnant with that little girl. My first thought was I can't believe she is that old, then I remembered that must mean Olivia is older!

mossyend said...

Fin and I are just catching up on your blog. we got very excited about the photo of Chicago and did a double take with the photo of Josh having an espresso - good man! I clicked to the Feb photo where you explain Josh's conversion and when Fin saw the Starbucks cup he immeditely knew it was coffee. You can see where we spend a lot of time.