Friday, November 06, 2009

the birthday girl

I have a four year old. She turned four on Monday and I could not be more proud of her. Huntleigh is an amazing little girl: very tender, extremely perceptive, a big personality yet somewhat of an introvert, a thinker. Her mind comes alive especially at night when the world has quieted down and she has time to process her thoughts. She is a delicate, complex little character and I have really seen her blossom even more in these last couple months. We had planned a fun big Harvest party for her at Raccoon Ranch to celebrate her birthday, but at the last minute, all things had to be rearranged due to flooding at the farm and we had to move it into the city. It ended up being just perfect, but I did not take a single picture at the event. Our good friends and photographers took pictures of her party, so I'll post some of those when we get them. (No pressure, Alyssa!)

Huntleigh was the star on her birthday. In 3K this means that you get to have the mystery bag and bring a favorite thing from home with three clues. Hunts loves working on the clues. She becomes so animated and so excited to share with the class. It was so fun to watch her on her birthday. She brought one of her new birthday gifts and then 4 ponies. Because she was 4.

Giving the clues. What a super way to expose children to public speaking.
mystery bag clues

Rocco, waiting patiently to guess the clues. Sweet Rocco. He gave Huntleigh green sparkly nail polish for her birthday present. Too cute.
London, Rocco, Mallory

Peeking in to get the mystery!
peeking in

Discussing the ponies. 3 of them were mine from when I was little and 1 was new. The vintage ponies are a bit less sparkly than the new ones. They have to have sparkles just to keep it interesting. Being vintage rocks.
4 ponies

Birthday girl having lunch and cupcakes with her sister in her big girl classroom.
school girl


Michael and Mandy said...

I don't know how H. is handling her birthday, but it was a big deal for O. She is constantly talking about things that have changed "Now that I'm four." I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal for her. Very fun.

Camille said...

Oh she is such a big girl! Happy happy birthday Huntleigh! She is Beautiful. And, her little sis is so sweet too. Ok, basement is finished now. Come visit us in Idaho and we will play in the snow! : )