Thursday, November 05, 2009

kids halloween

Halloween night we headed over to our friends' house in Kirkwood and did a little trick-or-treating over there. Typically we do the trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and have a low key chili party at our house, but I was a bit overwhelmed with parties this year, so we took a break. It was nice to not have to do anything, but still have a fun reason to dress up the kiddos. Huntleigh had decided on this peacock costume sometime in September and I decided to go with it. I kind of felt bad that I didn't spend any time on her outfit other than the time it took to order it, but she loved it. I really like the homemade variety of costumes....ones that require scrounging and scrapping together things and the hunt to find just the perfect item to complete an outfit. Kind of like what I did for Lucy's outfit....Anyway, here's my happy peacock. She looks so great in blue.


Cheeky peacock.
cheeky peacock

Peacock with blue-haired momma. When we lived in Hong Kong, I used to walk through these open-air markets everyday with tons of junk and fun stuff and I always loved stopping at the wig booth. Finally, I cracked down and bought a few wigs. Having blue hair is just so much fun. I love it. In fact, I love it so much, that I might wear it sometimes just for the heck of it. Don't be surprised to see me walking around in my blue wig.

Pebbles. Check out that face. She looks just like Josh.

This was the best pic I got of her outfit. I had some fabric that I originally bought to have some pillows made and I bought the cording, too, so I just threw it all together and wrapped the cording around her and woila.....Pebbles. And the plastic bone in her was sticking out of her muffin at the City Coffee House the day before. Perfect.

Overhead view. Had to get a complete picture of the bone.

Hampton, the lion, with cupcake on his face. He was just too cute. And the token little boy.
hampton the lion

And Lily. She was Elmo. Just too precious. Such tender eyes.


Shazza said...

I LOVE these outfits!!! H really DOES look fabulous in blue, and Pebbles and Josh look like twins. Lucy is super cute!

Audrey Woita said...

Love the pics of the kiddies for halloween. my personal favorite - pebbles! looks like you had a fun party below too! looks like fun too! am happy for you, sister!

Anonymous said...

The blue hair is fab. But Pebbles takes the cake. Joanie