Tuesday, November 03, 2009

costume party

It's been years since Josh and I have dressed up for Halloween. We had a costume party when we lived in Hong Kong in our tiny little apartment and that was October of 2003. So we were ready to have some fun with our costumes this year. We figured that since the party would be in a German hunting lodge (i.e. Raccoon Ranch) that we would dress like "ze Germans dress." (Say that with your best German accent.) All this to say, when we were at Oktoberfest downtown, we came across a booth with the motherload of outifits and we had ourselves a heyday.

halloween 2009

Tim and Andrea were our fun fellow Germans. Would they not make the most perfect Hansel and Gretel?!
tim & andrea

Michelle wore this outfit with some serious attitude. I think out of everyone there that night, she and her husband Billy had the best costumes, because they totally played their parts. Billy is one of the preppiest guys we know. This costume had to be his alter ego.
billy & michelle

Proud to be German.

Redneck Ryan, with the German twins
ryan, tim & josh

German-Redneck sandwich. That was one sweet wig, Janey.
janey & andrea

David, subtly costumed for the evening, ended up sporting Michelle's pink hat.
david in pink

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