Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my girls

This was my attempt at getting ready for a Christmas card. I think these pictures turned out cute, but I suppose I should stop lying to myself. I will not be sending out a card this year, unless it's a "Spring is here!" card. Don't hold your breath for that one, either. I'm just not consistent with cards and things like that. And I will forgive myself for not being perfect. And I will not compare myself to all those of you moms who were so on top of it and got the card out at the beginning of December. So enjoy this array of my children. Sometimes they're just too much. Just super yummy-cute. Scrumptrulescent.








Camille said...

You should send me one of these pictures. They are the sweetest...

Shannon said...

these jackets are sooooo great. just got a scarf that color- they pull it off better.

Kim D. said...

Do you mind sharing where you got the cute coats?

janet said...

It was a great attempt--and the thought counts! :) If it makes you feel better, we didn't get around to Christmas cards this year either. :( The girls and their outfits are absolutely adorable! Miss you guys!

sbh said...

Kim D,

I found the jackets at Janie and Jack. I just couldn't resist the color : )