Friday, January 01, 2010

wrapping up November

I know it's January, but I'm not giving up on my recap of 2009. And I'm going to keep up-to-date with 2010 once I finish up with December! Here's a few sweet memories from our double Thanksgiving: the first at Raccoon Ranch and the second at our house with my folks.

Aunt Hannah with a cheeky Hunts.
hannah & hunts

Momma and Lucy.

Before everyone gets all up in arms, that's just apple juice in Hunts' wine glass. She had so much fun drinking it from her wine glass for Thanksgiving. "Cheers!"

sweet shyness

Per our tradition, we go to chop down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving at Heritage Valley Tree Farm in Washington, MO. This year I was quite aggressive about getting there right as it opened to get the nine-foot tree that I wanted. It always takes a bit of hussle to get out to Washington, but we got our nine feet of tree.
christmas tree hunting

Lucy, guiding us with her brochure.
sunny lucy

Huntleigh, as always, cooperating for the camera.

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