Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the pioneer woman!

Have you heard of The Pioneer Woman? If you haven't looked at her blog yet, you must start. She's amazing. She looks like super woman from observing her blog. My friend, Alyssa and I had the opportunity to hear her speak in mid-November and then we met her after standing in line for two hours to get our books signed! I've never been to a book signing before, but I so enjoyed Pioneer Woman because she was far from pretentious, she claimed to not be an expert on many things, and she was sincerely joyful even after having signed books for more than two hours. I like her a lot because she's real. It's almost as though Pioneer Woman is her alter ego.


Here's the PW's older son, Bryce, who came around signing books as we waited for his momma. Too stinking cute.

Alyssa, with Marlboro Man, the PW's hubby. That's how she refers to him.

Meeting the PW. After all the waiting, it was short and sweet. But I did really like her.
pioneer woman


Anonymous said...

Pioneer Woman is one of my favorites, and she always makes me wish she'd move her lodge up to my neck of the woods. Have you tried her turkey brining recipe? It rocks, and gets me compliments every year. Truly, she is the reason I can get brave and put on rubber gloves to deal with a dead, naked bird and it's guts every Thanksgiving. She makes it fun to be in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

its not it's, oh former grammar teacher ;) Motherhood is rotting my brain.

Brooke Brown said...

holy moly! the PW! i'm insanely jealous. love the photo with her and the straight-on shot of her hub! practically unheard of (at least on her blog). love that you got to meet one of the punks, too. her "best salad ever" truly is. its an absolute must to make/share!

Looks like you guys have had a busy fall! Loved the road trip with your brother. Would love to take one with my little sis's and drive to Maine (minus the moving truck, of course :). Merry Christmas!

Alyssa said...

Oh my word... he totally has his arm around me!!! :) I was so excited to meet him that I don't think I even realized that! Such a fun night!!