Wednesday, January 13, 2010

closing 2009

We had a really great Christmas this year. We had a great Christmas Eve with Josh's family and then we didn't even leave our house on Christmas Day. Everyone came to us! It was relaxing, but Christmas is always full of emotions--both happy and sad--that leave me tired and ready for sleep at the end of the day. On Christmas Eve, we celebrate at Deer Creek Club, where "Santa" comes to visit the party, bringing gifts for the kiddos. This year my father-in-law, Archie, was Santa, which was a fun bonus since his grandchildren got to sit on his lap while my mother-in-law gave them their awesome gifts! It was a sweet moment.

Hunts and Lucy with Archie-Santa.

Another exciting bonus on Christmas Eve is this awesome wood slide. The girls...well, all of us....had so much fun sliding on it. You land on this mattress at the bottom of it and then slide on the floor if you're aiming right. Josh is the best at it.
Deer Creek

The highlight of the evening was all the dancing. After dinner, the dance music begins and it continues until there's no one dancing anymore. (We were the last ones dancing.) Huntleigh loved dancing with her Pop and B. They danced for 1 1/2 hours with only a few juice breaks. No kidding. It got her to sleep until 8:15 on Christmas morning. I think that's a record.
dancing the night away

Lucy in her sweet "Lucy" outfit. I'm willing to pass it down to someone named Lucy when she outgrows it. Just let me know.

Christmas morning was exhilarating. It's so refreshing to experience Christmas through the eyes of children. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and played with the nativity as we read through the story of Jesus' birth and then passed around gifts. This doll house was the favorite gift. I spent a lot of time researching exactly the one I wanted for the girls and they love it. The fun part was that all our family was able to give the girls all the little rooms. To be honest, I love playing with it.
Christmas morning

And this was on New Years'. I have to admit that my favorite part was spending time on myself. I love getting dressed up and pampering myself just a bit. I think every mom of young children needs that from time to time. It was a fun evening with our friends Tim and Andrea. And doesn't my husband just look so dapper in his tuxedo?! Here's to an adventure-filled Twenty Ten.
new years' eve 2009


Marilyn said...

Sweet pea,
You look gorgeous. Love the dress too.
Very handsome Josh.

Charity said...

Our friends have a baby Lucy! :-)
But they're in Ohio too.